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All things male.


I am a regular contributor to Sharpologist, and am currently writing for several other male-focused blogs. You can see my work for Sharpologist here.

Who I am: a writer and a California licensed barber with 4 years behind the chair. Passionate about both of my crafts. Here for your written media needs in the men's  lifestyle. Quick-witted, energetic, and versatile.


In addition to my love for the written word and men's grooming and lifestyle, I spend entirely too much time and attention on my dog. In my personal time, I write fiction. I was raised in Orange County, CA, and now reside in San Diego. 




Written content creation for web and print, focused on all things male: article/feature writing to bring a fresh voice to your website, guest blog posts, press releases, web and ad copywriting, product descriptions and reviews - all to promote your brand, market your products, and engage consumers from your key demographics.

​ Rates will fluctuate depending on the size and scope of the project. For a quote specific to your project, send me an email.


(949) 514-5320

Find me on Twitter @caitwrites and @caitcuts